About me

I’m an entrepreneur and a product thinker who is obsessed with figuring out how the world works. I live in Calgary, AB – near the endless playground that is the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

In 2013, I co-founded Versett, one of the top digital consulting firms in North America. Our mission was to Unlock Human Ambition and it was fascinating to work with some incredible companies building wildly ambitious digital products. This time period was dynamic –  it was right when companies started to invest in strategic bets to redesign products and business models through a customer-centric lens. People demanded better experiences and a lot of software needed to catch up. Being on the ground floor with leaders at American Express, TD Bank, Getty Images, RBC, Sportsnet and countless others was inspiring and endlessly complex. We believed it was our job to hold the "longest view in the room" and use our toolkits to build flagship digital products that people wanted to interact with. It was a wild ride.

I helped grow Versett to $40m in revenue and team of 300 before selling the business to PositiveThinking Company, a Belgian holding company in 2021, forming their initial product design/build/scale practice area. This led to me being on the founding team of CBTW, a technology firm with over 2,500 employees operating in 20 countries worldwide. I am now working on something new :)

I invest in companies through Simple Partners and sit on the non-profit boards of True North Water and Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. I am also a mentor at TKS, the world’s top global accelerator for teens.

You can find me on LinkedIn and X.com

Personal Philosophy

This is a collection of reminders that I revisit and edit constantly. I reflect on them nearly every day and try to put them into practice or use them as a nudge in the right direction when faced with indecision. I am only moderately successful at this.

  1. Be there for my family in all things with pure and unselfish love. Give them a consistent reason to love me.
  2. Be a big target for luck. Try things, meet people, read books, ask questions
  3. Remember that the world is beautiful. People are good.
  4. Slow down and respect everything around me as someone else’s life work.
  5. I will be open-minded, with a point of view (Be curious, not judgmental)
  6. Accelerate what I can control
  7. “The person who writes it down, creates leverage”.
  8. Move quickly, but don’t hurry
  9. Time spent ≠ Progress: Remember that just because something (eg. project) advances with time, it doesn’t mean that progress is actually happening.
  10. Don’t aim to be successful, aim to be useful
  11. The most successful strategy for long term success is intensity. Intensity is the strategy. 10x is easier than 2x.
  12. If I let it, the urgent will always overwhelm the important. Fight this with good planning
  13. Be more interested than interesting
  14. Everyone has something to teach me.
  15. Invert: Aim to minimize negative outcomes instead of optimizing for positive ones. Avoiding failure is much easier than trying to be successful.
  16. Do less, but better.
  17. Stay close to what I am good at, but never stop learning
  18. Choose things with a good Base Rate: The average of how others do is the mostly likely indicator of my future performance. I want to get into situations where the base rate is attractive.
  19. Win and help win Success is not zero sum. Expand the pie to everyone around me.
  20. Optimize for things with asymmetric outcomes where the upside is 3-4x the downside.
  21. Meaningful = Hard: If something worthwhile appears easy, it means I got lucky.
  22. I can't predict the future but I can "manipulate the collision"
  23. Never stop exploring. My archive paints my future, so build a rich repository.
  24. In business, maximization is the minimization of joy. I don't thrive in environments where the game is optimization.
  25. “Synergies” are massively overrated. Partnerships too.
  26. “Don’t bet on stasis” - the world is always changing. Said another way, bet on change as the only constant. This is usually directionally helpful in assessing ideas, but it’s also a lot more fulfilling

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