Find A Way

I've found that whenever a group faces a big decision, there are two types of reactions:

  • Group 1 finds reasons. Reasons why it will work. Reasons why it won't. Explanations, experienced views and opinions on the why's and why not's.
  • Group 2 finds a way.

Reasons are easy to find wherever you look. This is especially true for smart people. There always good reasons to do or not do something. Intelligent minds are trained to think about pros and cons. Want to sound smart? Give informed reasons why something won't work. Pessimism comes naturally because most ideas are bad. Your hit rate will be high.

But the trajectory won't.

Breakthroughs don't require reasons; they need someone to forge a path. To find a way through the complexity and ambiguity and act.

Reasons delay action.

Action yields information.

If you come up on a complex decision, get past the reasons and find a way.